Carlene Saelg

Financial Educator / Real Estate Hedge Fund Co-Manager

Credit Restoration Expert and Online Health Coach

Hello, Let's Get To Know Each Other.

Carlene Saelg is a recognized leader and financial educator with a purpose driven mission to bring information and resources for achieving financial security to EVERYONE regardless of their current level of competence. She is a well rounded and experienced entrepreneur who is ready to extend the helping hand of knowledge to anyone seeking a better and more enriched life.

She is in a unique position to show others how to Create Their Own Career, Build and Restore Excellent Credit, Protect their Income and Invest like the Top 1%.

For example, the health and wellness industry grows over 300% every year! Her 28 Day Fast Track Course to become an online health coach is sought after for those that want to experience professional transformation while being their own boss in an industry with explosive growth.  

Carlene has several programs that get you closer to financial independence faster than you ever dreamed. Get on the buyers list for wholesale residential properties being offered at a deep discount. You don't need to be an investor to buy these properties but if you are, you can choose to rehab and sell or live in it and remodel at your own pace.  If you've been denied a home mortgage by stingy banks you might choose to take advantage of the Lease Option Program where your steady job and a decent down payment allows you home ownership.

There is no better way to build your wealth than through real estate.

If you're a seasoned investor she also provides expert knowledge and guidance on Asset Protection programs and other "hands off" investment strategies such as turn key rental programs for those that want to own property headache-free. For the Accredited Investor, you could elect to park your money in her real estate hedge fund and make up to 12% ROI.

Feeling like you're starting at the very bottom because your credit is in the dumpster? You have not been left behind! Start with Credit180* Restoration! Carlene works closely with a company that employes an in-house attorney and has a surety bond to assure her clients get real, legal credit restoration and a big bump in credit scores.  The next 180 Days could be the turning point in your financial success story!

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We're all looking for a life of balance and wellness BUT to achieve "PROTECTED" financial independence and security along the way seems "almost" out of reach for most.

You're in the right place for a health, professional and financial transformation. Carlene will guide you through the 6 step series of health, wealth and prosperity.

She truly enjoys helping others which is why this website has been a pivotal and exciting project that has afforded her the ability to truly reach the masses and provide lasting impact! 

Get involved! You're on this site for a reason!

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