Carlene Saelg

CEO - PowerfullyMade International Health Coaching Certification Course. Wellness Practitioner and Health Coach. 

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Last year while working one-on-one with clients, many would comment that the service I provide is great and because they were incredibly interested, they wished they could do the same thing.

I would get many questions about Health Coaching as a profession.

How long did it take and invariably was the program 100% online.

If they were going to even consider the possibility of a career change the education piece would need to be completely online, flexible and affordable.

This got me thinking…  and researching.  

I found several high priced programs that were offered for thousands of dollars and a minimum of six months of training.  These courses included online material AND mandatory offline, high-touch material where you needed to be face-to-face with the instructor or attend the online streaming webinars, live and directly with the instructor.

This meant if you had a full-time job and a family to take care of it’s likely you would NOT be able to conform to the strict and rigid timelines or the requirements of these expensive, demanding and high-touch courses.

In an industry that is growing by 300% every year, Health Coaches, Practitioners and Physicians cannot keep up with the demand for our ever changing health needs

WE (as a society) WANT WELLNESS EDUCATION AND PREVENTION but the gap between those qualified to dispense information and guide people to success is large and severe.

It’s not rocket science to discover that WE NEED MORE HEALTH COACHES!  We need leaders to fill the gap between wellness with the all-to-easy, self-education through Google searches and the inevitable trip to the doctor because you’re SICK and don’t have a clue what to do for yourself.

I recognized this glaring need for more Health Coaches and wanted to use my teaching skills, degree and license TO DO MORE and to HELP MORE! And also as a means, to chip away at this ugly wellness gap.

I also recognized that there was not a 100% online certification course accessible to everyone, worldwide.

Why were these coaching schools making it so damned difficult to get certified as a Health Coach?

It only made perfect sense that not only should the course be delivered 100% online but it should be self-paced. Not one of those “drip” courses where the material is released painfully slow over many weeks regardless of how fast you absorb and retain information

It also needed to be AFFORDABLE! You feel me here, right?

This launched me into FULL IMMERSION, course creation mode! I spent a full six months creating an entire course for the sole purpose of certifying MORE health coaches to get out there and start filling that nasty gap between WELLness and SICKness.  

Health Coaches are being called on by corporations and by individuals who are seeking a better way!  It is our duty to guide, teach and coach more people about prevention and wellness.

Not only is this course awesome and content rich but it is in the process of becoming fully accredited on the international stage through the Coaches Certification Alliance. 

This is HUGE!!  Accreditation is your proof that the course meets certain requirements pertaining to its accuracy, completeness and continuing education requirements.  Additionally, We are able to certify new coaches from all over the world and you, the new coach, are not limited to attracting clients from just the USA but you can market your coaching services worldwide! You can attract clients from all four corners of the globe! 

And to go a step further, the course teaches up-to-date marketing techniques so that you can complete the course and jump right into a profitable coaching career. 

Your ability to make money with Health Coaching is Limitless!!

PowerfullyMade International Health Coaching Certification Course SOLVES ALL your pain points!  Anyone with the smallest amount of interest in Health and Wellness can tackle this course and complete it in your own time, without spending thousands of dollars to change careers!

The course even comes with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!! I will allow you to work through the entire course for a full 2 weeks so you can judge for yourself that this is an excellent content rich course that will arm you with the knowledge and know-how to launch yourself into a profitable health coaching career!

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Here's a little more about me...  I'm a Health and Wellness Practitioner Specializing in NeuroMuscular Massage Therapy and Pain Management, Gut and Hormone Nutritional Support, Weight Management and Energetic Healing. I am degreed, licensed and certified to provide in-depth knowledge and support to my valued and honored clients.  With 17 years of experience, I am a results oriented therapist who believes that consistency of action is required to achieve individualized goals. I provide an expert guiding hand that can transform one’s state of well-being. All of this in addition to launching the first 100% *accredited, online international health coaching school.

*Accreditation is in review. When final approval is given all students will be given 2 years affiliation with the CCA.