By now you’ve been bombarded with articles on how to eat less and avoid the desserts, pies and cookies, and instead snack on nuts and fill up on salad before the big meal.. Well, I am not going to join that rant! You can eat the holiday meal with all the trimmings and still eat dessert without gaining weight!

Now hold on… I’m not saying you should always eat without regard to making smart, healthy choices. We ALL know that eating right and using supplements are they ONLY way to find true health and wellness. However...

I am about to unabashedly tell you about 3 supplements, that are inexpensive and available directly from my website, that ARE going to save you this Holiday Season and will keep the extra pounds at bay!

    1. Here’s the secret.. You can use supplements to help you get through the turkey and pumpkin pie madness. Supplements like Plexus Slim, a little pink drink that you take in the morning before breakfast that contains chromium, alpha lipoic acid and chlorogenic acid. Plexus Slim helps you balance your blood sugar so you won’t crave all the sugary stuff. Basically, you’ll eat less without even realizing it and you won’t feel deprived! Woohooo!! I like the sound of this!
    2. Accelerator+ is another Plexus supplement that curbs appetite and provides natural sustained energy All.Day.Long! I know you plan to wake up at 5am to put the turkey in the oven and finish a bit of baking. With Accelerator+ you can do that, eat the meal, NOT crash at 4pm and because there is 5-HTP in it, you’ll do all this in a really good mood! 5-HTP regulates Serotonin uptake. This is the feel-good hormone responsible for balancing our mood and giving us a sense of overall happiness. Woohooo!!
    3. Now to complete the trifecta of supplement awesomeness with Plexus BLOCK! You absolutely must get this amazing supplement! Seriously, like right now! I don’t mean to make this sound urgent but I’m telling you.. You CAN eat your turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie and pumpkin cheesecake and only process 48% of the carbs and sugar!! Plexus BLOCK is the “magical” supplement that allows you to eat all the great food but only 48% of it will attach itself to your waist!! ...what!! I know.. you can pick your jaw up off the ground and say, WooHOOO!!

The kicker here is.. you may NOT lose any weight during this time of feasting but you can avoid the holiday bulge, that inevitably occurs, when you follow these 3 simple steps and take your supplements. After the holidays, Let’s talk about getting serious about your health, start a detox program and ultimately reclaim your health. You can do ALL of this without the heartache of diet plans and food restrictions. Simple instructions and an easy to follow plan will guide you to success. But lets wait until after the holidays for that kind of focus!

Click on Shop Now > Preferred Customer for 15% discount > And order your Plexus Slim/Accelerator+/Block Combo. You can cancel anytime with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. No strings attached, promise.

Happy Health,

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