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You may have heard one or two of these skills in the past but unless you take 10 minutes a day to get laser focused and hash out your brand details you will continue to squander your greatness. YES, believe it or not you have a brand.  You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself and as a solopreneur you must think about your brand.

You have a special burning passion locked up inside you that is begging to burst through the walls of your heart.  You know you have what it takes to be a Freaking Awesome Coach, Trainer or Team Leader! One that creates massive impact for your clients and community but also generates income that separates you from the pack.  A profitable business is NOT out of your reach but unless you dig deep (again, it only takes 10 minutes a day) to  get crystal clear about your brand strategy you will end up stressed out… wondering if you made the right choice to be in business for yourself... trying to make ends meet… and then allowing the seeds of doubt to cripple the action-oriented mind set you had when you first decided this was your ticket out of the corporate ass-kicking that it has always been!  You have deep reservoirs of potential locked up inside you.  We just need to coax it out of you.

Let’s dive into the 3 skills you MUST master to propel your profit and create a loyal following all while you sip your morning coffee.

Skill #1:

Know Your Target Audience:    This is not rocket science but it is marketing science and you need to pass this subject with an A+.  This is how you’re going to do it!

  • Journal for 10 minutes every day for 7 days about WHO your ideal client really is (your avatar). It’s likely that you’ve only visualized your ideal client in your mind or maybe you wrote it down but you didn’t really hash it out.  Perhaps you gave your avatar a few characteristics but can you honestly say you really KNOW your ideal client?  What does she look like? Where does she shop? What does she eat? Does she cook at home? What kind of clothes does she wear? Is she fun, outgoing, confident and spontaneous? Or laid back, more reserved and calculated? Married or Single? Age? Income? Kids? Travel?  You get the idea.
  • Use these questions as a starting point for your 10-minute journal sessions. Don’t stop, keep it going. Pretend you are in search for that one TRUE best friend. The one you can talk to for hours about your heart’s desires, your fears, your ambitions, your likes and dislikes.  Now step into her shoes and allow her to ask you questions.  Journal those questions and your answers.
  • Give your avatar a name and face because you ARE going to be talking and relating to this person! Download a pic from the internet that matches the image and personality of this awesome, new best friend. Print and paste it to your journal notes! Viola, now you are Laser Focused on your ideal client. Overlook this step of getting to know your target audience and you’ll overlook your greatness.

Skill #2:

Magnetic Mind Set:

  • Raise your attraction factor! You must have an unshakable belief in yourself and the service you offer. Build up your self-confidence and have faith in the action you put forth because it will bring the abundance you’re after. Having faith means you attach emotion to your belief and when you attach emotion to your belief, you raise your vibrational frequency so much that universe conspires to make your dreams a reality.  Don’t believe me, try it!  Take your 10 minutes a day (which has now become your morning ritual!) and answer these questions.
    • Do you have your goals written down? A goal that is not written down is simply a wish! Take a blank piece of paper and write down your goal for this month. Make it a big bodacious goal so that when you accomplish it your confidence and self-image will soar!
    • Once you have your goal written down make a list of 6 action items you will take tomorrow to get you closer to achieving your goal. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! No more than 6 action items and put them in order of importance. Don’t move to the next item until the first one is completed.
    • Do you have a daily mantra? It should go something like this.  "I am so happy and thankful now that I have $10,000 in my bank account at the end of this month.  I easily and effortlessly attract high level clients and money continously flows to me".  Repeat this 6 times a day!  Visualize it and put real emotion into your image.  By doing so you increase your vibrational frequency and the universe conspires to make it a reality!

Skill #3:

Network Offline:

  • While you build your Online Empire, do the work! Get out from behind your computer and network.
  • Join local meet-up and networking groups for professionals in your industry. Find like-minded business individuals who are already doing what you wish to be doing and be their friend! These types of offline relationships have the power to propel you career toward 6-figures faster than grinding it out as a solopreneur behind your computer.
  • Reach out to corporations, hospitals, government agencies and get yourself booked as their next educational speaker. Want to start small?  Host a free talk at your local library for 3 months then go after the bigger players as your confidence increases.


Your gifts are needed and there is a company and/or individual that desperately needs what you're selling. 

Give it to them! Make it easy for them to find you.

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