There is a lesson in every season. My Winter lesson is one that requires me to become a bit more rigid and discerning with my trust in all of human kind, most specifically with trusting people in the construction business. This lesson makes me wonder if the main objective of most contractors is to “first, rip you off and second, work until 3/4 of the project is complete then disappear before finishing.

I know what you’re going to say and I’ve heard it before.. that this has been the case with contractors since the beginning of time. However, I always give service industry types the benefit of the doubt in most situations because typically, they work hard. They work with their hands and they expend a lot of energy to build things on a daily basis. They go home tired. I can empathize. It’s not easy work.

However, where is the pride in workmanship? Where is the integrity? How can these contractors sleep at night having lied and pleaded to get one up on a compassionate individual who still holds some faith in the common decency of man?

This lesson has been a bit upsetting because it is one that I’ve had to learn more than once. Have you ever done that, made the same mistake twice? It’s not fun. In fact, it feels pretty bad. And sometimes it makes you a little weary and weathered around the edges and sometimes it makes powerful and determined.

I won’t let this lesson affect the way I treat ALL of mankind, but it certainly WILL affect the way I treat contractors. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be respect and kindness while interacting with them but there will be no wavering from my written policy. I will turn a deaf ear to all “stories” and respond respectfully while holding firm to my policy. There will be no give, there will be no wiggle room, there will be no listening to sob stories. Sorry gentlemen but I have been nice one too many times.

Luckily and strategically, my projects have always been heavy on profit potential so I’ve never gone into the red because of my compassion and belief in the decency of grown men. I am powerful in my convictions so be it known from this moment forward, things have CHANGED!

I like to look at the positive aspects of any situation and now that I’ve gotten this out of my system and into my blog, I can look back on all of it as having a positive outcome because let’s face it, it could have been way worse. The positive take-away from all of this and my Winter Lesson Learned is this:



Cheers, my Friends. Go forth and create abundance.


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