PMI Health Coaching School

STOP: Don’t spend another cent on... Health Coaching Schools NOT EVEN THIS ONE until you read every word on this page. This could save you years of heartache and a bucket load of cash.

Who PMI Health Coaching School is NOT for:
This is not for you if...
You are a corporate drone content on sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week helping someone else get rich.
You believe success and money are only for a select few.
You like to moan and complain about how unfair life is.
You aren’t ready to erase worry, fear of failure or impostor syndrome in under 3 months.
You are not willing to spend 2-3 hours a week on your business.

But if you are a committed US Vet, Stay at Home Mom wanting to re-enter the workforce, Single Mom or Someone that already owns a small business in the health and fitness arena (Yogi, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor) with the desire to create a legacy for your family...
And you want to FINALLY Stop listening to all the useless advice about starting a job at the bottom and spending years working your way up to an acceptable pay rate...

AND want to take action in this trillion dollar health and wellness industry with a health coaching school that gets real results and produces 6 figure coaches…
Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

Don’t you just love surprises…good surprises…feeling like you are THE most special person to ever walk the face of the internet and most importantly…. feeling like someone out there actually knows about your existence and CARES!

Well I do and today is the day I make you feel like that person because guess what?

You REALLY are that special! As a Veteran, You are our nations Heros! You already have a command over health, wellness and fitness… you deserve a piece of this trillion dollar industry.

As a fitness expert you need to expand your authority and create residual monthly income with small but significant changes to your business model.

As a wellness enthusiasts wanting to break into health coaching, you'll get it all from the very start.  You'll be shown exactly how to become a subject matter expert in whatever niche you choose!

I am releasing PMI Health Coaching School’s latest enrollment special and you are the first to know about it!

PMI Health Coaching School is THE ONLY school that allows you to become an internationally certified and accredited health coach in as little as 30 days, allowing you to finally quit your dead end job and create a 6 figure coaching business.

PMI’s certification course will erase the worry, fear and anxiety of re-entering the workforce and being undervalued due to the length of your military service or time away raising your kiddos.

PMI teaches health and fitness enthusiasts and small business owners how to gain more authority with clients and offer higher end programs and memberships.

PMI shows you how to launch a profitable health coaching business with your first “done-for-you” paid product , ready to use as your own to generate immediate profits!

And PMI gets you certified with an international certification and a marketing plan in hand to land big profits 4 to 6 months faster than any other health coaching school on the planet!

Go check it out==>>

Here is why you should be jumping up and down about this opportunity:
So you can FINALLY stop running from solution to solution, guru to guru, one fake promise to the next and finally start a profitable coaching business. When you invest in yourself with PMI Health Coaching School, you get instant access to everything, you can start using it within the next 30 seconds and get certified in as little as 30 days.

Click on the link below and get started ASAP!

Here is why you should do it right now:
Because by this time next week, you will be basking in the knowledge that you are not only special but also an action-taker and an excuse-buster.
Now THAT is worth every single penny!

Don’t you think?

I am not here to tell you why PMI Health Coaching School is better. I am here to show you...and once you have seen it with your own eyes, I promise you this… You will never even consider enrolling in those “other” uber expensive health coaching schools.

You will never again fall for their gimmicks and tired tactics only to find that the high priced health coaching school that tried to lure you with shiny objects and big discounts drips ONE course module on you every two to three weeks dragging out the time it takes to finish the program by 9 months to 2 years! This school was founded with and for US Veterans, Health Enthusiasts and Fitness Entrepreneurs to launch international health coaches that exude authority quickly.

You will never let yourself be HAD by those overpriced, bloated and top heavy schools.

You will never be fooled by the hype of big name coaching schools that leave large gaps in the execution and implementation...EVER!

The simple fact is this….

PMI Health Coaching School is THE ONLY online health coaching school that allows you to become an internationally accredited health coach, showing you how to create killer programs, launch your coaching business and sell out in 90 days or less and then 10x your profits after that! PMI delivers the real systems for success!

Know any other International certification school that teaches you to masterfully market your services and products across the globe with authority and brand awareness?

Know any other International certification that teaches how to leverage your time and resources for multiple streams of income?

Know any other International certification that allows you to become a geographic subject matter expert AND offers all continuing education courses at a discount to PMI students to maintain your international credentials and accreditation?



Let’s Do the Math…

You could enroll in one of the popular online schools for $6000 - $8000 and spend the first 6 months of your business fumbling to pay back the debt because you still don’t have your first marketable product or program to sell at the end of the course.

OR You could spend between $10,000 and $12,000 to attend The BIG NAME schools and universities and endure 2 years of educational courses without making a single dime in the profession for 24 months.

OR You could enroll in a mindset guru's program and spend between $10,000 and $20,000 only to leave the seminar ALL PUMPED UP but with zero actionable items to scale a health coaching business or any business...

But will still risk

Needing weekly tutoring to fill in the gaps left by the other schools' curriculum.

Not resolving the underlying issue of killer content creation that sells out time and again.

NOT becoming a 6 Figure health coach with the confidence and know-how to scale profits.


AND have no money back guarantee!

With PMI Health Coaching School You are not only saving that excessive bloated tuition bill but also getting the ironclad assurance that you'll become an internationally accredited and certified health coach 4-5 months faster, sell out your products and services AND have a money back guarantee!

Stated differently, if I just handed you this big hunk of cash, would you turn it down?
Think about that before you click away....

If you have never heard of PMI Health Coaching School..., then please read the success stories below. 
Go on, read them. These are the shining stars, the hall of famers, the star students of PMI Health Coaching School. The good thing is none of these people are “special”.

No special education
No special connections or friends in high places
No special secret advantage
Listen to these stories and ask yourself, “Are these people an entirely different breed of human?”
Your answer will be a big resounding NO.

Mandy G:
I loved ALL of the modules offered and having been a health and wellness researcher for the past 5 years, this was great! I also appreciate the added branding information and content creation info.
I started blogging back in 2012, so I am very familiar with branding and content creation, so all of this is right up my alley.
Gut health is HUGE for me as it’s how I helped healed myself from anxiety and panic attacks. So my passion is to help others take back control of their health and wellness.

Thanks so very much and I look forward to launching as an internationally certified health coach!


Cheryl B:

I completed the course in early January.   I listened to all the modules again during the last month. I truly enjoyed the information and recommendations.

The material was clear and concise, very easy to understand.  Taking this certification centered me to focus first on my health and getting good at that so I can be more knowledgeable when helping others. Thank you for the wonderful material!


Michelle P:

I'm impressed with PMI Health Coaching School. As a fitness professional, this course allowed me to add another level of authority to my business and helped me finally reach 6 figures.  Thanks for all the great marketing and branding info, its just what I needed to succeed.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?
My name is Carlene Saelg and I am CEO and Founder of PMI Health Coaching School
In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**, here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you had ever wanted to know about PMI Health Coaching School and becoming an internationally certified health coach.

I have 18 years of experience as a Neuromuscular Therapist and Health Coaching Entrepreneur, Licensed NMT Instructor and have a BS in Health and Wellness.

I have worked with hundreds of clients, solopreneurs, stay at home moms and ex-military re-entering the job market and coached them from struggling cubicle jockey to profitable health coach in as little as 60-90 days.

I started PMI Health Coaching School because I was sick & tired of the state of our health care system, the lack of knowledgeable and accessible coaches and the real obstacles health enthusiasts were having with NOT finding a cost conscious, quality health coaching school.  Health Enthusiasts were simply not finding a solution. And also because I wanted people to know that there is a solution...their solution, their salvation and their chance to forever say adios to fear of failure, impostor syndrome and cubicle jockey forever and ever amen.
I also saw it as my mission
to certify 1 Million Health Coaches Worldwide and make a real, tangible impact on the state of our collective health and well-being around the globe. PMI’s affordable and accessible entry point for enrollment is making that mission possible.

Here are a few achievements / conquests / humblebrags I have managed to collect from personal clients and PMI Students over the last few years:

Tom M

From our first meeting I could tell Carlene had some good healing energy. I made an appointment with her and was amazed. The word that comes to mind to describe her coaching and therapy is insightful. Thanks Carlene!


Tracey G:

Not having a background or degree in health, I was a little nervous to enroll in PMI Health Coaching School. I am completely impressed with the quality of the course material and the real-life approach to launch my programs and services. When I enrolled, I was lucky enough to snag one of the Done-for-You bonus products that I can use as my own.  Thanks to PMI, I am confident in my ability to help others get healthy while making profits for my family.


Nancy S.

This is a wonderful opportunity! I would love to take advantage of PMI Health Coaching School’s Certification program. Thank you so very much for creating this program.


Dena W

PMI is absolutely wonderful! Carlene is so knowledgeable and has helped me out with back pain and a heel spur. I highly recommend her, and now my mom has become a client.


Magda D

Wow! I’ve been to 3 sessions so far and my chronic neck, back and hip pain is almost nonexistent. The best part is PMI is a dream to work with. I highly recommend PowerfullyMade.


Molly B

I’ve been going to PMI for a couple months now for neuromuscular therapy, and I’m really starting to feel a difference in the way I feel. PMI has also helped me get on the right vitamin and supplement regimen. I highly recommend PMI’s services to all.

Sonya C:

Thanks PMI Health Coaching School, for helping me achieve another goal in my life! I have wanted to add International Health Coach to my list of credentials for a long time.  PMI Health Coaching School’s Certification program is affordable, convenient and packed with great information.

PMI Health Coaching School’s Certification Course comes with a full 100% money back guarantee!

You must be absolutely convinced that PMI Health Coaching School’s Certification Course is the absolute best course you have ever witnessed, used or even heard about.. or just let me know and I will gladly refund every single penny.

Take PMI Health Coaching School’s Certification Course for a test drive..for 72 Hours... make sure it delivers what you’d expect to get high end profit generating clients or you don’t pay a single penny. Go on, take it for a spin. I insist you take the time to use it, not once but multiple times, get every single promise I promised you and be absolutely convinced that it is the right fit for you.

And if you don’t like it for any reason, just let me know within 72 Hours and I will happily refund every single penny – no questions asked!