After The Election - 2016


It bears repeating that we are a nation that is deeply divided and in desperate need of healing and unity. I love this country and I love republicans and democrats and independents - basically, I love everyone.

Whether we agree or disagree on policy, I expect and deserve respect from each of you just as you wish the same of me. I wholeheartedly pray that we can lift each other up every day for a more cohesive America. An America that truly is great! I pray that the world forgives the downright nasty political climate that has been on display for the past 18 months and embraces real and lasting change that both sides can agree on.

I, for one, plan to start that process of healing exactly where I am. I've disengaged from the vacuous rhetoric and will continue to be the respectful entrepreneur that I've always been.

I will continue to build up those around me and empower my neighbors, friends and colleagues to be outstanding in all they do.

I will tirelessly continue to create wealth and health for myself and my family and to offer that same chance at the American Dream to all those that wish to make a difference in their lives.

Look for opportunity and wealth creating topics to dominate this page. I am setting the example and I hope you'll join me in creating a better world where we all have the same opportunities at wealth creation and can recognize the powerful tools we have at our fingertips.

The world truly is our oyster and you should bet on yourself first! Start where you are. We are all powerfully made and capable of great things.


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