My name is Carlene Saelg, I am a Real Estate Investor, Nutrition Counselor, Co-Founder of Pearl Cup Coffee and recognized leader and team builder. My degree is in Health and Wellness, however I have built a successful real estate investment company over the last 15 years.  Education through immersion is sometimes the best method for learning and growing. Integrity and honesty are paramount and I value my network of private investors, mentors and business associates. My track record for successful real estate investments has been positive and my private investors enjoy great returns. I also specialize in raising capital and crowdfunding to group accredited individuals together with opportunities to invest in safe real estate projects that provide steady cash flow.

I  have dedicated my life to the service of others by way of teaching and coaching and by leading a powerful life guided by my faith in Jesus and walking the path He has designed for me.

Besides providing financial information and raising capital for projects, I enjoy coaching about gut health and the connection our gut plays in our overall health.  I am not perfect but I strive to be my BEST and most Powerful self.  I'm a bit obessed with nutrition and clean eating, and because I'm human, my life also includes dessert! It's all about balance.

I have developed dynamic entrepreneurial partnerships and successfully opened several companies. My roots run deep in the health and welless arena. However, I now concentrate on bringing it full circle. I raise capital, invest in commerical real estate, provide progressive ideas for asset protection along with living a healthy, balanced and spirit-filled life.  In so doing, I have been able to transform the lives of hundreds of people while mentoring others to do exactly the same.

I am an author; penning a workbook in neuromuscular therapy focusing on pain relief and providing techniques to help people get out of pain without drugs or surgery. My most recent published piece is focused on gut health and creating balance.

Note: You are meant to live a Powerful Life. I am personally, a follower of Jesus and rest assured knowing that I was created in His image. We were ALL created in His image and we are Powerful in His light. We must remember that we are Powerfully Made and He absolutely wants us to realize our full potential for financial independece along with achieving health and wellness.

If you’re looking for a life of balance, join me. Together we can create your most authentic and powerful life.

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