Best Social Media Platforms for Health Coaches

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Choosing the right Social Media Platforms to use as a health coach to ensure you sell out your programs and products is one of most important decisions you'll make. The right platform will get your message out to the masses but choose the wrong one and you'll waste thousands of dollars and many months pulling your hair out wondering where your engagement is and why no one is purchasing from you.  Social Media is going to make or break your brand new health coaching business and here is why.

Being in the online space where you wish to sell products and services requires you to create a meaningful and authentic relationship with your ideal clients. To do this they must first know you, like you and trust you.  Without those 3 magical ingredients you will not succeed as an online health coach.

My 2 FAVORITE Social Media Platforms are Instagram and Pinterest - Hands Down!

I’m just going to say it…  Get off Facebook!  It's literally draining your marketing dollars.

Turn your attention to Instagram! It’s so much easier to grow an organic following using hashtags instead of paying Facebook to place ads that you may or may not be sophisticated enough to affordably optimize or even know how to set up in the first place.

In the early days of transitioning into full time health coaching you'll want to do everything you can to grow an organic, grass roots and authentic audience.  An audience that engages with you and your content is pure gold!

Instagram is simply an easier platform than Facebook to launch your brand new entrepreneurial coaching programs and products!  You can even validate your offers using Instagram and receive honest feedback.  This gold mine should be put to immediate use.

Research the hashtags that you would personally use if you were searching for more information on health coaching programs. Keep in mind your ideal niche and the topics that you specialize in.  Make a list of 30 hashtags and save them to a file on your phone.  Having the list on your phone will come in very handy since you'll be posting the majority of your images to Instagram from your device. Every time you post, you'll be able to cut and past your hashtags with ease. Get organized so that posting is a breeze.

If you use filters for your Instagram photos choose ONLY one or two and use these exclusively.  Believe it or not, even your filters will become part of your branding. Followers will recognize your posts immediately by the color, tone and texture before it registers in their brains what they're actually looking at.

Pinterest is the go-to platform for searching topics, shopping and getting recipes! Create a few boards for your Health Coaching business and fill it with your offers, products and programs.  Then create a few fun boards with your favorite things.  Again your followers will pin and share your stuff with loads of engagement over Facebook's Business Pages.

To make it easier on yourself after you've set up your boards with your offerings, re-purpose your Instagram content onto Pinterest.

These two platforms typically have completely different users. Take advantage of that fact and save yourself time so that you don't need to keep creating original content.

Just re-purpose and re-post and then check back often to respond and track your engagement.

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