Declare Your Mission For More "Targeted" Sales

Being able to declare you mission requires us to start with our Passion.  To be successful in anything you have to start with a foundation and figuring out your mission “IS” the foundation for creating action and substance within your field of expertise.

Whether you are trying to figure out your life’s purpose, wanting to make an impact as a leader or building an online empire. Your foundation is your strength and you’ll pull from this strength on days when things aren’t going as planned. Because let’s face it, you will have moments that try your patience and even come across people that will try to derail you. Taking a breath and coming back to your mission will get you through the tough moments.

What is your passion?  Working within your passion is powerful!  Your passion leads you to your life’s purpose and your life’s purpose will lead you to your mission.  AND YOUR MISSION COULD HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD! Or change the world of your Avatar…

As a business owner or online marketer this is so important and you have to be very specific with your mission.  You’ll need to drill down to exactly who you are talking to and what you’re helping them with.  Create an Avatar to make this easier.  An Avatar is a specific characterization of a person or idea.

Then you’ll need to know what problem you’re helping them solve.   If you don’t have a unique and impassioned way to solve someone’s problem no one will listen to you and if they don’t listen to you then they certainly will not buy from you.

Be Methodical for More "Targeted" Sales.

If you’re selling a program, It’s not ok to simply say, “I think I’ll focus on women or athletes”.  You wouldn’t want to target every person in the world that runs! It’s too broad and your message will get lost and you’ll be left wondering why you can’t sell a single running program.  So let’s say instead, your program is crafted to target women age 25-35 who run half marathons and shop at Whole Foods Market, go to yoga 2x a week and own Asics running shoes.  Now you can picture what your exact “Avatar” looks like and every single product, blog article, recipe or advice that you share would be developed with this exact representation of your ideal customer in mind!  Your “Avatar”!

Knowing your Avatar, will give you a greater chance of selling your program or product to them based on the characteristics that you’ve predetermined before you even put the first word or idea or drawing to paper as you developed it.

Also, this doesn’t have to be hard.  You don’t need to recreate the wheel in figuring out your mission. Basically, figure out what you’re most passionate about. Search the internet for people that are successfully doing what you want to do and emulate their success.

My target market is 34-47 year old women that want to become stay at home moms,  who shop at Whole Foods Market, have two kids, drinks green smoothies and takes supplements. I help them create their own online career and personal brand using their individual passion so they can have time freedom and financial independence. Now, of course I reach people outside of this market but when I’m developing my programs, courses and write my blog articles I’m talking to this specific woman or Avatar.

I have plenty of businessmen and athletes that I talk to and they read my website and watch my videos but it’s very important to have a specific target audience that you want to reach.  Who is this person for you?  Craft your Avatar using the information your curated and be very specific. Easy, right.

If you don’t find this easy, you’ll need to start with the basics and really figure out what you’re passionate about.  Life is about living your passions and it’s an amazing thing when you get paid to share your passions with those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

I for one, am passionate about health and wellness and mentorship.  If you’re looking to jump into the next trillion dollar industry, you should consider a career in health coaching.  Click here to take a look at my fast track certification course.

Certified Health Coach - 30 Day Fast Track Program

To wrap up, declare your mission, start with your passion and be specific! Think about the pain point you are trying to solve and craft your product to reach that audience.  Then when you market to them, you can pinpoint where they shop, what they eat, how they exercise and put your message in front of JUST them!  How cool is that?!

Knowing your mission and your Avatar will save you thousands of marketing dollars and hours of time being frustrated.  Connect with me at or Carlene Saelg - Facebook for more great articles and free resources to build your audience and gain raving fans.

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