Health Coaching Products that Sell Out Fast

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The key is to be logical and not greedy in setting program and product prices.

By pricing your initial offerings at a price that most people don't think twice about, customers and clients will quickly open pull out their credit card and purchase from you.  Following a well thought out framework for pricing with beginner tier, mid tier and top tier levels will help you in achieving greater success with sold out programs and products after you've build a solid and trustworthy relationship with your client.

Your offer should cost under $30!  You want to quickly put together an irresistible offer and place it in front of your ideal clients, literally right under their noses, at a price point that won’t make them second guess themselves or feel guilty if they purchase and then end up doing nothing with the product. People are quick to make impulsive purchases and those products and programs that cost under $30 are in the sweet “impulse buying zone”, where it doesn’t hurt too bad if they forget about it tomorrow or they start the program but don’t follow through to the end.

Don’t go for the 100% transformation on your first product offer.  Design a product that is about 20% of your ideal client’s ultimate journey.  By providing the solutions to a small but significant win (that first 20% of a transformational journey), you don’t overwhelm your client and the initial win sets them up and moves them closer to entry into the next, mid-level product or program. After you get your second “win” with the mid-level product that possibly costs $297 or $397, you’ve psychologically prepared your client with another success story in their transformational journey!

Now you’re getting 5-star reviews and referrals from these clients! Keep moving them along into bigger, better and higher priced programs and products!

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