My Name is Carlene Saelg - I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, Hedge Fund Co-Sponsor and Health Coach Instructor with Success in Retail, Real Estate, Wellness and Wealth Creation Through Systems.

I’ll tell you a quick story about how I got where I am right now, working from home, fulfilling my life’s purpose and getting paid thousands of dollars to do it!

Last year I did something most people would consider insane.

I sold my successful retail business and essentially became unemployed with no job lined up and no money coming in! I knew I was taking a risk..  What if I failed? What if I made a fool of myself? What if no one wanted what I was selling? WHAT IF…

These are big questions with life altering consequences for failure.  I could lose my house, my car, my comfortable lifestyle but there is one thing that I always relied on…

I’m a balls out, confident and smart entrepreneurial woman (yep.. I said it!), who believes all things are possible with faith, perseverance, adherence to systems and discipline.

While working in my retail business for 8 years, I felt like I was wasting my life doing something I didn’t love, in a job that didn’t fulfill me. I was the owner, and my business was successful but I was stressed out, unhappy and had zero time for a balanced life.

This particular “American Dream” of business ownership was depressing. No amount of money is good if you’re unhappy and stressed out. My health was starting to take a back seat and so, it seemed, was my life.  There had to be more to this thing than waking up, working 12-14 hour days, coming home to sleep a few hours (If sleep came at all) and then doing it all over again.  I only had 2 days off a year. Thanksgiving and Christmas.. For eight years.

Seriously… I needed a different career.

Then BAM! I woke up one morning and clarity washed over me..  The sun shone brighter that day and the birds chirped on my shoulde.  ok, ok.. that's a bit much! LOL!  But seriously, I caught every single green light and the energy I had was noticeable by the spring in my step and the smile on my face. Everyone around me asked "what changed for you, you seem different"?

Change WAS in the air!

It was the best day of my life!!!  I had subconsciously, unconsciously, absolutely-consciously made a decision that was about to change my entire life!

I sold my business, challenged myself to create an online business where I could work from home using the skills I already had to create programs and wealth creation systems that would help other busy, working women who feel unfulfilled from 9-5, be able to fire their boss and work from home too!

And I couldn’t be happier.

Whether you’ve been searching for a career change or you want to add a second revenue source to your household, this message comes to you at exactly the precise time to make your dreams of financial security and time freedom a reality.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a Neuromuscular Therapist and Health Coach Instructor and I’ve developed a 28 day certification course to certify others to become online health coaches.

Have you ever thought about completely changing careers and becoming an online health coach?  It's easier than you might think!

Whether you've never thought about it or have known for a long time that health coaching was your destiny but didn’t want to attend a long 2 year program or you've hesitated getting started because you doubted your ability to market yourself online and make real money.  I have just the course for you.

My program is a Fast Start Course designed for you to be able to tackle the material quickly and start making money FAST!

This IS perfect timing for you because I’m doing things differently. I’m unconventional in my approach.

If you have ever thought about becoming a health coach or just simply have an interest in health and wellness, this is an industry that grows by over 300% year over year and is now 3.72 trillion dollar global industry.

This fast start certification program is for you!

The world needs health and wellness experts to deliver specialized education and I’ve pinpointed 4 specific areas to achieve the greatest results in the shortest time frame.

The foundation for sustainable health is wrapped up in these 4 areas:

  1. Digestive and Gut Health.
  2. Essential Supplementation.
  3. Hormones and Conquering Autoimmune Issues
  4. Real-Food Meal Planning for the Time Starved.

We also dive into online marketing, selecting a niche, program creation, sales funnels, optin pages, shopping carts and everything you need to launch your new business.  I even have one on one and group support so you never feel “lost”.

I know what you’re thinking… what makes my program special or different?  Why should you trust me?

In a nutshell, I have boiled down the last 23 years of education and experience into a health coaching program that is accessible and affordable to nearly anyone that has a desire to be in the health and wellness industry.

I’ve condensed the lengthy and the verbose and cut out the obscure and outdated or rarely used material into 4 Foundational Segments of Sustainable Health and Wellness.

These 4 Foundational Segments of Health address the root causes of nearly every major health issue, disease and nutritional deficiency that is creating the greatest decline in American health in recent decades.

The HWP Health Coaching curriculum focuses on correcting this country’s health crisis with tangible, actionable information to reverse maladies and help prevent disease altogether.

I’ve been a featured speaker for live events in Austin, Dallas, Orlando and New Jersey and possess a license to practice and instruct in the state of Texas.

I personally have over 325 clients ranging from professional athletes to your average Josie.

Currently there is no broad reaching state or national licensing requirement to become a health coach.  You simply need a certification from a reputable individual or company to be able to call yourself a health coach.

Imagine a certification program that can be completed in 28 days where you have the tools and the knowledge to immediately start making money online and puts you in the power position to finally get out of debt, beef up your retirement account and allows you to have 4-day weekends WHEN.EVER.YOU.WANT!

This professional level course is designed for the time starved who are seeking a rewarding and easy to implement career change. Plus, it's a video course so you can get plow through the material. Listen while you do the dishes, take a shower or drive in the car.

Enter your email address below to learn more about HWP Online Health Coaching Course. I mean, I named the course Health Wealth and Prosperity (HWP) for a reason!

Enter your email address and then read on as I reveal strategies on credit repair, beefing up a retirement nest egg and tax savings strategies.  You just need the right systems in place to take advantage of wealth creation.  See more below...


Wellness and Health Coaching is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

My Knowledge and Expertise of Credit Repair, Retirement Security and

Wealth Creation Are Now an Open Book.

I believe if we raise ourselves up, offer a guiding a hand to someone who could otherwise never repay the debt but instead offers to pass on the knowledge they received to the next person, then we are finally putting words into action and helping to lift ourselves and our neighbors up to the next level of financial security.

This way of thinking is what drove me to take on this endeavor and to use the power of the internet to spread my knowledge, experience and connections.  I simply cannot keep this information to myself.  The system is too easy! The blueprint I developed gets you out of debt, ensures a beefed up nest egg, and shows you how to invest in the exact strategies that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates use. You don't have to be rich to invest like the rich. I'm tired of the top 1% keeping this information to themselves.

So I've done something to change this...

I created systems around these 5 genius ways to boost your income.

  1. Become an Online Health Coach in a 3.7 Trillion Dollar Industry.
  2. Boost your credit score up to 300 points.
  3. Learn the secrets to beefing up your retirement account by 24% per year.
  4. Protect your assets with a bulletproof system that ensures you'll NEVER get sued.
  5. Leverage your investment money with a safe, real estate secured program that pays up to 12% ROI. That's better than the stock market!
  6. Reduce your taxes to a flat 15%. Typically reserved for the elite but not anymore!

They say that to change the world you must start where you are, with what you have and then offer it up without expectation.

I know what it's like to struggle. I know what it's like to be in debt.  I opened my retail business in 2008 (need I say more.. we all know the economy went to hell in a hand basket and was even called the "The Great Recession" in 2008).  I sunk my entire life's savings into opening that business and keep it above water.  I had over $150,000 in debt as I kept this business afloat with my personal money and this didn't include student loan debt. After selling the business I got to work digging out of that debt by using the systems that I'm about to share.  As I developed systems to increase my wealth and retirement and invest like the pros I began making 6%-24% growth on my money. I learned from the best and the brightest mentors and now I get to pass all that knowledge on to you!

I am ready and eager to teach you these systems and show you that living richly and above the fray is all about the systems you employ. ALL the information to change your current situation is out there on the internet.  You only need to know where to look and maybe spend a few focused hours doing Google searches and then putting all the scattered information to work for you. But... Do you know what to search for? Do you have the discipline to create a plan and a strategy that you'll stick to? Will it work? Has it been tested? Do you have the time and energy to guess or test which way is the "right" way to get results? If you answered "NO" then enter your email below to get a front row seat to this organized and easy to implement plan of action.

The only thing I ask in return is that you teach your kids, or your niece and nephew or your next door neighbor what I'm about to share with you!  This is the only way we can change the world around us. It takes a village!

As a serial entrepreneur, hedge fund co-manager, credit repair expert and asset protection educator I've created the tools that systematically help you climb up the debt ladder from drowning to digging out, to increased credit worthiness, to putting your retirement savings on steroids to finally figuring out how to leverage your money by investing in safe vehicles that return 6%-24% on your investment money.

Don't put it off any longer. Join me, together we can rise up, become powerful and take charge of our future.

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