This is why I'm so passionate about Plexus Health and Wellness Supplements!

I was beyond hesitant to try Plexus since I have food sensitivities and allergies especially to caffeine and wheat.

I did 4 months of research on Plexus before giving it a try. I’m a bit of a health fanatic about what I put in my body and with food allergies and a persistent gallbladder issue, I was very skeptical that Plexus could work for me. I learned from my research that not only were the ingredients natural and plant based but that I already had most of them as single sourced supplements already in my arsenal. So I delayed taking Plexus Slim to see if I could get the same results by being super diligent with my regimen.

However, I couldn't get the weight to come off. I thought it was my hormones but It wasn't until I balanced the candida yeast in my gut and cut the sugar cravings (sugar feeds candida yeast) that I was able to start getting results.

But then other amazing things started to happen!!

I seriously, had NO idea Plexus would help with my gallbladder issue, I was only interested in the weight loss. Boy, was I shocked when my gallbladder starting working again!!

My gallbladder shut down in September 2014 and according to the doctor the only option was surgery to remove it. I could NOT accept that! God gave me a gallbladder so I was going to do all I could to fix my gallbladder on my own, naturally and with my diet. I literally, could not process protein and fats. If I ate anything that was not a vegetable it would crawl back up my throat and the heartburn and pain was unbearable. The pain I was experiencing would bring me to tears. I don’t like to talk about that but I am because I want you to know my story. I switched to a 100% organic, vegetarian diet, drank detoxing green smoothies and went gluten free. I even drank Baking Soda water to balance my pH and help with the heartburn. After 4 months on this diet I was able to get my gallbladder to get some of the normal functioning back but I was still having horrible heartburn and still had a problem digesting protein and fat! I still had pain if ate anything other than a strict vegetarian diet. When I started Plexus Slim I was in shock that my heartburn went away after about 5 days and the sugar cravings went away immediately!

After 2 weeks I was able to start adding small amounts of protein and fat. After 1 month I was eating normally!! I am thrilled beyond words! I still eat a clean diet but I can now enjoy the occasional burger and fries without fear of the horrible pain. My gut health was paramount to feeling better! Getting rid of candida yeast and cutting my sugar addiction, which ultimately reduced inflammation, has transformed my life!!

My current regimen includes Plexus Slim, ProBio5, BioCleanse, XFactor vitamin and MegaX.

I am so excited to share my story because if ONE other person gets these results, I am happy! But the truth is..I share my story because I know you want to feel better and lose weight too.

The 2nd BEST part about my journey is.. Health and Wellness being 1st.. 2nd, I was able to turn my story about amazing products that work into a lucrative business!! That’s mind-boggling to me! But I can get behind that! I am passionate about helping you get healthy! And If you can make a buck off your story too… Then that is Stepping into YOUR power!

Join me on the journey. Go here and order the TRI-PLEX Combo plus XFactor and MegaX



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