I’ve been told my entire life that I’m too serious and look irritated or angry..   WHAAAAT!!  I’m just standing here.. minding my own business!! Why do people think I’m angry?

This was always shocking to me.  How could this be?

Once I start talking with people they always say “you’re so nice! I can’t believe I thought you were always angry or standoff-ish”

It took me years and a very good friend named Johnny to say “Lene” (his nickname for me!! LOL!), we need to talk about SMILING MORE!

I’ve had many people throughout my life say “You have a beautiful smile! If you smile more people wouldn’t think you were angry”.  Yea, yea, yea.. I’ve heard this since I was kid..

But I never really got what they were REALLY trying to tell me. Until Johnny sat me down and said we needed to talk!  Johnny was like a big brother to me so I sat there and really “heard” what he was saying. It made sense for the first time in my life.

He said “Lene, You have the most beautiful smile. But it’s more than that.. It lights up a room, it draws people in.  When you smile people want to hear what you have to say, they want know you, they instantly like you.  Your smile is trustworthy because it’s genuine”.  Listening to these words were hard because I usually deflected such nice things but I knew he wasn’t just buttering me up.  He was being serious and spoke like he was giving me a lesson so I listened intently..

Johnny said, “You smile with your whole face! How do you do that? The energy around you smiles! Do you realize that you could sell anything, do anything, BE ANYTHING you want and you will be successful!!  Just Smile!”

WOW! I couldn’t believe I was hearing all this.. but somehow, I knew it was more than a compliment. It was my time to make a change in my life and change peoples perceptions and Johnny’s words were just the catalyst I needed.

He told me, use your smile for “good” and good will come to you 10 fold!

The little talk that Johnny gave me finally sank in and touched something in me that changed my life! I decided to test his theory out.

At the time I was working in sales as a sales manager. Every customer that the sales team brought through the door, I made a point to walk up to them in the middle of the sales pitch with a big smile, introduce myself, welcome them in and connect with them!  Really connect with them! Over the course of that month our sales soared! My sales team made more sales and our store had the best numbers over the previous six months!

I was ASTOUNDED!! It WORKED!!  I now have a secret.. not so secret.. weapon!!

A simple trick.. remembering that I have a smile that can draw people in and set them at ease has changed my life and afforded me the opportunity to build 3 successful businesses and make over $800k in sales from just one of those businesses. In another business I made over $250,000 in profit in just one year from only 4 transactions!!

Everyone responds to a friendly smile. I challenge you to put your smile to the test and use it for “good”.  Over the next several weeks, test it out and see how your life changes!  You’ll see more sales, get the raise you want, ease tensions in your relationships and before you know it you will have increased confidence to go after your dreams and it all started with a simple mouth trick!!




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