3 Best Keto Friendly Fiber Sources

FIRST and Best Source: Cruciferous Vegetables.

The #1 best way to increase Keto friendly fiber is eating more vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussles sprouts, bok choy and asparagus. These high fiber, low carb veggies are the corner stone to increasing fiber and if you've been doing keto for any length of time (or if you're just beginning) you know that fiber is essential in keeping the pipes flowing.

The biggest mistake I see with Keto Dieters is skipping the veggies.

Constipation can happen on Keto if fiber is not increased. Remember that you're releasing fat cells through bowel movements and urine so it's essential you get these high fiber, low fat veggies into every meal.

Don't get stopped up, it's not pleasant and will likely be a "reason" you stop doing keto and then say Keto didn't work when the truth of the matter is you didn't use the Smart Keto Method.

The outlier here is to add avocado and pumpkin to your diet. These are not considered cruciferous vegetables but avocado and pumpkin have very high in fiber content with avocados also containing a high amount of fat making the avocado very high up on the Keto friendly list.

 Second: Low carb, seeds and nuts.

Chia seeds! Ground is best as it's already broken down into its smallest parts making it easier to digest.  Nearly all the carbs in chia seeds comes from fiber so your net carbs are nearly canceled out.

Chia seeds also provides another added benefit, they act as a prebiotic, which is food for the probiotics that keep your microbiome (the environment inside your intestines) balanced and healthy.

Other seeds include, flax, pumpkin and hemp seeds.   When using nuts and seeds to increase fiber be sure you track your macros. It's easy to overeat nuts and seeds.

Third: Supplements

Fiber supplements like psyllium husks work to keep you regulated.  This is not my preferred method but if you're doing the other suggestions and still feel like you need additional help psyllium husks (capsule form) is a great solution. Use when needed but definitely increase the cruciferous vegetables and seeds and nuts before resorting to supplements.

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