Get To The Root Of The Issue

5 Step Leaky Gut Short Cut

I want to give you a little background into my story.  A couple of years ago, I was circling the drain and my health was spiraling out of control. I had recently lost my brother to pancreatic cancer and was sure that I was headed for the same fate. When you experience a devastating loss your mind and body sometimes go to different places to seek refuge. My mind went into a grief-stricken hibernation and my body dove straight into sugar hell.

After a couple months of grieving and eating $6 organic chocolate bars, It seemed that overnight I was no longer able to eat real food. whenever I tried, I had severe pain in my upper abdomen and chest, acid reflux and heartburn so bad I had to sip on baking soda water throughout the day. And to top it off, I was having weekly debilitating migraines. This scared the BaJesus out of me, as you can imagine.  I thought I might be dying.

I was wrong, thank goodness! But what I didn’t realize was that my addiction to sugar was stopping me in my tracks. Sugar, if it had a personality would be deceitful because other than causing unwanted weight gain there are a slew of other disguised health issues.  Many of which are autoimmune and all start with that first taste of refined white sugar.

The pancreas and the gallbladder are vital parts of the digestive system. At the time, I didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of either organ other than their basic anatomy and roles in digestion. However, when my gallbladder shut down and caused severe pain coupled with the inability to eat, I immediately thought it was cancer.  Not entirely unusual considering cancer can be genetic and in addition to my brother’s death from pancreatic cancer I had also lost my beloved grandmother to the same disease many years prior.

After much contemplation and research, I could see that the downward spiral in my health was a culmination of symptoms related to Leaky Gut Syndrome.  I had been missing the symptoms for years even though I ate clean, shopped at the local farmer’s market and butcher shop on the town square… save for my weekly, fancy and fair trade, 80% cacao chocolate bar from Whole Foods Market. You see, sugar is deceitful! How could this one bad habit be the source of my undoing?

Had you asked, I would have told you that I had no problems with digestion. I was regular with daily, consistent and healthy bathroom habits but my ability to process food through the first phases of digestion was where my problem began, specifically with the gallbladder. My bile ducts were clogged with gallstones and inhibiting the crucial step of secreting bile, a digestive enzyme, into the small intestine. When the gallbladder is clogged you simply cannot digest fats and protein and the pain related to the blockage can be excruciating.  The doctor didn’t really want to spend the time to get to the root issue of what could be causing the problem and their only suggestion was surgery.  I couldn’t accept that answer.

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry my whole life and knew there had to be a better way to get to the root of my issue, solve the pain I was in and jump start my gallbladder into proper functioning again.

Why am I telling you this… because you may be caught unaware or you may be experiencing some of the same things I did but feel at a loss as to how to fix it, without surgery.  You may even be experiencing completely different symptoms and complaints yet I can imagine you feel lost with symptoms they seem vague or completely unrelated to your gut.  You’re not alone.

Doctors throw drugs at symptoms, It’s all they seem to do.  Give you drugs and when that doesn’t work they suggest surgery.  This system doesn’t work for me and for many of you, it may not work either. I knew I needed to get to the root of the issue, find answers and formulate a game plan to effect real, measurable change.

I am quite certain you want the same thing.  A real game plan for yourself, a system that is simple and effective and produces real and measurable results.

I want to assure you, there are answers and with some easy planning and action steps you can turn around nearly any auto-immune issue that is plaguing your health, including gallbladder pain and gallstones.

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