1. Slow down while eating
  2. Practice mindful eating and gratefulness


What you’ll learn:

  • Where Digestion begins
  • Why your 5 senses are so important to digestion
  • The role of saliva, chewing and stomach acid
  • Absorption of nutrients


Digestion begins as an external stimulus in the brain before you ever put food into your mouth. All five senses play a part in digestion. From the moment you see and smell food your brain and body begins the process of digestion by triggering the production of saliva and an increase of hydrochloric acid the stomach. You’ve probably noticed your mouth start to water when you smell something absolutely delicious or simply thinking of something sour could make your mouth fill with saliva. It’s probably happening just reading the words!


This is why it's so important to take time to prepare your food and eat mindfully without the hustle and bustle. Slowing down and concentrating on your food will have a positive effect on your body.


When you eat on the run or only give yourself a few minutes to wolf down lunch, your body doesn’t have an opportunity to properly prepare itself to receive the food you hurriedly shoved in. If this stressful way of eating becomes a habit, you set yourself up for indigestion, hiccups, heartburn, ulcers and diverticulitis.


You've probably heard your mother or grandmother tell you to chew your food 30 times before swallowing. There's actually a scientific reason for this, chewing your food 30 times releases enzymes into your saliva which then helps break down the food and chewing pulverizes the food before you swallow making the digestion that occurs in your stomach so much easier.  While you slowly chew and break down food in the mouth, the stomach increases its production of hydrochloric acid. This is where the chemical breakdown of food happens and what was once solid in your mouth now becomes liquid in your stomach.



The nutrients, vitamins and minerals are now liquified and small enough to empty into the small intestines where absorption takes place.

This is where the magic happens. This transference of nutrients is our lifeline. If there is a breakdown anywhere in the process of digestion, absorption cannot happen and health begins to deteriorate.

The body can become deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals, hormones may get disrupted and in severe cases of digestive disease the body can become malnourished.

If left unchecked for extended periods of time a person can experience any number of problems including autoimmunity, cancer or psychological disturbance.


Digestion is no small feat for the body and many cultures and traditional customs perform ceremonious rites in regard to eating dinner.  

A hundred years ago it was customary for dinner to span 2-3 hours. Giving thanks and honoring the journey the food had to take to reach the dinner plate was respected and therefore ample time was needed.  

Back then, they may not have known the benefits of their leisurely dinner on the digestive tract but honoring traditions of gratefulness and reverence for food are worthwhile to us in these modern times.



Scientifically speaking, mindful eating allows time for all the critical bodily processes to properly occur and do their intended job for complete digestion and absorption. The ability of the body to properly absorb nutrients is the essence of health and wellbeing.


Proper digestion should be fully understood by a health coach so that clients understand its importance.  Hippocrates stated that all disease begins in the gut. He wasn’t kidding!


Health Coaches have a unique opportunity to bridge the health care gap and fill in the desperate need for knowledge and guidance to help clients achieve success with their wellness goals, so that their clients never have to settle for pharmaceutical therapy again. And instead, can rely on food therapy and knowledge of the inner workings of their body


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