1. Restore your personal health.
  2. Have an impact on the Next Generation to create healthier and better equipped children.
  3. Disrupt the limiting healthcare system and the belief that pharmaceutical protocols are the solution.
  4. Take your passion for health and nutrition to the next level.


How did PMI Health Coaching School Start?


The impetus for starting PMI began with founder, Carlene Saelg’s vision to impact all of humanity through the profession of health coaching. In doing so, she sought to break the mold and move away from the traditional school models that required big time commitments and enrollment costs that simply prohibited many health enthusiasts from embarking on this incredibly important profession.

Here's what a few graduates of PMI Health Coaching School have to say about our program..


The good thing is none of these people are “special”.


No special education

No special connections or friends in high places

No special secret advantage


Mandy G:

I loved ALL of the modules offered and having been a health and wellness researcher for the past 5 years, this was great! I also appreciate the added branding information and content creation info.

I started blogging back in 2012, so I am very familiar with branding and content creation, so all of this is right up my alley.

Gut health is HUGE for me as it’s how I helped healed myself from anxiety and panic attacks. So my passion is to help others take back control of their health and wellness.

Thanks so very much and I look forward to launching as an internationally certified health coach!

Cheryl B:

I completed the course in early January.   I listened to all the modules again during the last month. I truly enjoyed the information and recommendations.

The material was clear and concise, very easy to understand.  Taking this certification centered me to focus first on my health and getting good at that so I can be more knowledgeable when helping others. Thank you for the wonderful material!

Michelle P:

I'm impressed with PMI Health Coaching School. As a fitness professional, this course allowed me to add another level of authority to my business and helped me finally reach 6 figures.  Thanks for all the great marketing and branding info, it’s just what I needed to succeed.


Tracey G:


Thank you PMI! Not having a background or degree in health, I was a little nervous to enroll in PMI Health Coaching School. I am completely impressed with the quality of the course material and the real-life approach to launch my programs and services. When I enrolled, I was lucky enough to snag one of the Done-for-You bonus products that I can use as my own. One month in and I already have clients! This is amazing.


How does PMI Health Coaching School stand out among the crowd?  

Our position is to always provides affordable opportunities for full transformation of mind, body and spirit with excitement and accessibility.


PMI’s 3 Principles of Coaching Success:


  1. Empowering leaders with a foundational education in health and wellness while providing support for new coaches to launch with confidence.
  2. Creating impact, authority and credibility through sold-out signature programs.
  3. Healing Humanity! Starting with the family unit, extending out to your community and then making a worldwide impact.


What kind of work can you do as a health coach? Here are few ways you can use your certification.


  1. Author how-to books on health and nutrition.
  2. Work for a supplement company.
  3. Corporate Wellness  Advocates and instructors.
  4. Develop recipes and cookbooks.
  5. Create signature programs and become an online health coach.
  6. Write for magazines and well-known online bloggers.
  7. Offer cooking classes Health classes and workshops.
  8. Lead Wellness vacations and Retreats.

Is PMI right for you?


If you are thirsty for knowledge and passionate to make a difference in other people's life...


If you value community and feeling plugged into a school that offers foundational health concepts and a place for continuing education…


If you're excited about the opportunity to take part in and capitalize on a $3.7 trillion dollar industry…


Then ABSOLUTELY, this program is for you!


If you feel it in your heart that this is right where you should be and all the signs keep pointing to you becoming a health coach and your internal dialog is saying “hell yes”..

Then this program is for you. Make the jump and do it. It's so worth it.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our free info sessions, live meetups and in the course.




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  2. Become a PMI certified health coach
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