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Healing Cancer w/ Food Workshop -  Not to be missed!

This is no ordinary workshop.

The body has miraculous healing capabilities and this workshop offers a hands on experience to create this healing on your own, with the power of food!

Adaptogens and nutraceuticals are fancy words for often times simple, organic compounds that when combined with nutrition may create a powerhouse protocol for kicking cancer to the curb. 

With cancer survival rates as low as 30-44% you cannot afford to miss this information. It could be exactly what you or a loved one needs to hear at a crucial moment.

Saturday March 9th 2019 2pm-4pm REGISTER HERE

Tuesday March 12th 2019 6pm-8pm REGISTER HERE

Saturday April 13th 2019 11am-1pm REGISTER HERE

Tuesday April 16th 2019 6pm-8pm REGISTER HERE

Personal Guide to Smart Keto

Smart Keto will change the way you relate to food forever with noticeable and lasting results. Learn how you can finally take control of your weight.

Class Assets:


Saturday March 30th 2019 11am REGISTER HERE

Fix Autoimmunity in 4 Easy Steps

Learn the 4 easy steps involved in fixing autoimmune issues.

Whether you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Type 2 Diabetes, Psoriasis, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, PCOS or Digestive Disease these 4 easy steps will put autoimmune symptoms in the past!

Tuesday April 4th 2019 6pm REGISTER HERE

Saturday April 6th 2019 2pm REGISTER HERE


CBD 101 Class

Explore the healing properties of CBD.

  • Fact vs Myth
  • Legal vs Illegal
  • Medicinal vs Recreational
  • CBD vs THC