I get this question a lot but not because people don't know because it's fairly easy to figure out what a health coach does just by their title.  The question they really want an answer to is, how can a health coaching certification help me make enough money to replace my current income?

As stated in the International Association of Health Coaches:
"Health Coaches work in many settings and, among other services, provide: general wellness and nutrition information; options, recommendations, guidance, motivation, and skill-building to establish healthier lifestyle routines; and other support mechanisms to achieve client-focused personal health goals."

Become an Internationally Certified Health Coach in as little as 30 Days.

Accessibility, Affordability and Lauchability!
Since the course is 100% online & self-paced, take all the time you need.

PMI Health Coaching School is a 5-Star rated school

Our health coaching certification program provides a solid foundation in the subjects concerning health and wellness.
At PMI you can expect a well-rounded curriculum including hormone balancing, healthy eating habits, weight control, digestive issues, supplementation and more advanced topics such as essential oils education, autoimmunity and an in-depth understanding of internal inflammation and how it plays a vital role in whether or not disease is present in the body.

One last thing.

At PMI, we guide you through selecting your niche, branding and building signature programs for sold out launches. Click to learn more, hear testimonials and download the course guide.

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