A morning routine will set the direction for your day on a positve course that can only lead to success and abundance.  Your morning routine should be the time you set aside for your absolute spiritual and physical well being.  This is a time of solitude and quite that can literally transform and catupult you into you a successful day and week.  Spend some time looking inward, meditating, praying and setting the intention for the day.  You are powerful and have the ability to attract ALL that you need, want and desire.  The Law of Attraction states that  whatever you think about, you attract.  When you get really good at attracting the abundance you desire God, the archangels and the universe conspire to give you every ounce of good furtune. You simply need to dream it, see yourself in the present moment enjoying your desires, believe it to be real and expect it to happen without fear and without doubt.  This is the essence of faith and if you will believe and dream with the wonderment of a child you will literally change the course of your life.

Move and stretch your body.  This doesn't need to take more than 5-10 minutes but a little focused attention on your body will energize and invigorate you. Start with some gentle stretches and gradually add in a few strenth moves like lunges, squats or pushups.  Your entire morning routine can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Your morning routine should never be skipped.  It is the single most important thing that you will do for yourself all day, besides eating food and drinkning water.  Like anything that you want to be better at you'll need to practice and adopting a morning routine is no different.  Practice your routine everday and when the miracles both big and small start occuring, you'll understand how powerful you are and how rewarding life can be.


I wake each morning with a grateful heart and before I put my feet on the floor I spend several minutes thanking God for everything He has given me, including my health and my family and for the path He set before me. I ask for support as I continue my lifes work fully aware of my power while releasing all cords of fear that may have attached themselves to me.  I pray that I am fully present and operating from my heart center with the light of God shining brightly within so that I may attact Love, abundance, good health and to inpire those around me to the same.

I challenge you to develop a morning routine and practice it for 14 days.  I challenge you to not miss even a single day.  When you complete the 14 days you will feel a shift and this practice will become the one thing that you look forward to upon waking and the miracles will start happening more and more frequently.

Have faith, dream and step into your power.

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